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                               Details About Us
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Our Motto for Every Young Girl
between the ages of 5 to 16 years old
Dazzling - to shine brilliantly
Outstanding - standing out
Likeable - qualities of favorable regard
Lovely - delightful for beauty or harmony
Zealous - eager pursuit of something
Adorable - extremely charming
Neat - marked by tasteful simplicity
Dynamic - marked by productive activity
Delightful Diva - highly pleasing
Intelligent - reflecting good judgement
Amazing - causing great wonder
Magnificent - impressive to the mind
Obedient - willing to obey
Nice - socially acceptable
Delicate - generally pleasant
Zingy - enjoyably exciting
Dollz & Diamondz is owned  by Erica Nathan. She is a licensed cosmetologist with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. She is the proud owner of a well established hair salon now celebrating 20 years of service in the Memphis area. She is a Master Hairstylist, event planner , cater and a motivator who loves to inspire others. Encouraging youth, particularly little girls and young women to believe in self love is one of her passion. During her years of experience as a beauty consultant she has always had a vision to inspire youth to believe in themselves and to instill in them confidence and pride. She believes instilling self love and self confidence in kids at an early age will have a positive impact on their future in countless ways. Erica enjoys being creative and planning parties to be remembered. She has a Daughter who loves to be pampered and teaches her the importance of it. Dollz & Diamondz is not just another kid's party company that touches your life for 2 hours, we strive to be a resource for parents, a positive example for young women and the source of endless smiles and laughter for little girls.Its a celebration for your daughter and her friends and an acknowledgment of how powerful, valuable, and self- worth that they are in life and in this world.
~Erica Nathan
CEO & Founder

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